Advances in Wireless Wearable Brain Computer Interface Systems

Thu. 12 Nov 2015

In this post, we would like to discuss brain-computer interface (BCI), what it is and the new advances in this field. There has been a rapid growth of studies in the field of brain-computer interface in the last decade. A BCI often includes a set of sensors to acquire neurophysiological intention signals, a wired or wireless […]

What We’ve Learned from the Epidemiology of Ebola

Wed. 14 Oct 2015

Dr. Afsaneh Motamed Khorasani has recently drafted a summary of what we have learned from the epidemiology of Ebola so far. Bottom line, with all the progress and new findings and observations in the field of health sciences, it is on every one of us to educate and update ourselves and ask the right questions. […]