We send out monthly newsletters of the past and upcoming events at Easy Global Training, along with the promotions, and important updates …

The monthly newsletters of the past and upcoming events, promotions, and important updates for EASY GLOBAL TRAINING and the regulatory course / template / consulting services are sent out on a monthly basis. Generally, in our courses and webinars, we try to discuss “How to …” for different areas of the regulatory sciences. In the hope to provide you with easy to follow step by step regulatory course / template, job aids, and charts, we want to save you time and yet empower you to reach the next level.

As we speak, drugs and devices are going through a time period of revolution. Naturally, there are new advances in the area of targeted drug delivery. Likewise, there are more globally expanding clinical trials that require IND and NDA filings in different countries. Therefore, the field of drug development and medical device have become such that it requires the professionals working in these areas to go through constant updates of what the new technologies are and what new regulations have been developed to cover them.

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