Instructors / Consultants

Our Main strength:

Our instructors / consultants around the world are the main strength of EASY GLOBAL TRAINING. This is the key in how uniquely we serve our clients around the globe. In short, we link you to local experts in the field of your interest with many years of industry and clinical trial experience so that they can help you with your country-specific scenarios. Therefore, this will save you time and effort to achieve your goals faster and more efficiently.

The world of regulatory compliance is moving towards a global harmonization. And we are getting closer to such harmonized compliance enforcement. However, we have still a long way to reach that point. This is exactly where EASY GLOBAL TRAINING, with a global network of instructors / consultants, can help to bridge this gap.

Our Experts:

All of our online regulatory and quality training / consulting are conducted by these experts with several years of industry experience in their field of expertise.

We have experts in the following areas to help take the burden off your shoulders so you have time to focus on more important areas:

  • Clinical trials
  • IND fillings
  • NDA filings
  • Variations and amendment filings
  • Manufacturing authorization
  • Compliance
  • Quality control / QC
  • Clinical trial set-up
  • Marketing authorization (drugs & devices)
  • Audits
  • Regulatory body communications
  • Briefing documents (FDA / EMA / ROW)
  • Response letters (FDA / EMA / ROW)
  • Good Practices  / GXP

Our online regulatory training / consulting in the following areas:

  • Regulatory guidelines (FDA. EMA, China, Japan, Australia, …)
  • Manufacturing authorization
  • Quality control / QC
  • Worldwide approval process
  • Global standards / USP
  • Marketing authorization process (drugs & devices)
  • Audits
  • Labeling / Packaging requirements

Good practices / GXP is another area we focus on and have modules covering the following:

  • Good clinical practice / GCP
    • Good clinical laboratory practice / GCLP
  • Good manufacturing practice / GMP / cGMP
    • Good automated manufacturing practice / GAMP
  • Good laboratory practice / GLP
    • Good automated laboratory practice / GALP
  • Rest of GXP course:
  • Good auditing practice / GAP
    • Good auditing practice / GAP
    • Good clinical data management practice  / GCDMP
    • Good cell culture practice / GCCP
    • Good distribution practice / GDP
    • Good documentation practice / GDocP
    • Good publication Practice / GPP
    • Good guidance practice / GGP
    • Good microbiological practice / GMiP
    • Good pharmacovigilance practice / GVP / GPvP
    • Good pharmacy practice / GPP
    • Good research practice / GRP
    • Good safety practice /GSP
    • Good storage practice /GSP

Our training pieces are available in different formats by our instructors / consultants (drugs / devices / Excipients / Food & Food ingredients / Dietary supplements):

  • Webinars
  • eLearning courses
  • In-class courses
  • E-books
  • Job aids
  • Templates
  • On-site training

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We are always looking for instructors / consultants to collaborate with to enrich our online training / consulting for services to accommodate more areas of expertise

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Here is a list of Instructors/Consultants:

UNITED KINGDOM – Garry Mehrabian, MD Joins EASY GLOBAL TRAINING Team as Senior Medical Adviser

Mon. 4 Jan 2016

The growing trends of Clinical Trials demands a highly efficient training program for the team involved in different aspects of it. In this era of information with all kinds of data available in the cyber space, the task of browsing and selecting the appropriate credible material has become more difficult than ever. At EASY GLOBAL […]

INDIA – Nagaraja Ramakrishnappa, MVSc, PhD Joins EASY GLOBAL TRAINING Team as Senior Scientific Adviser

Sat. 5 Dec 2015

At EASY GLOBAL TRAINING, we are dedicated to excellence and we are trying to have many consultants and advisers in different geographical locations around the world in every aspect of our activities in order to be able to provide a comprehensive service to our clients. We are delighted to announce that Dr. Nagaraja Ramakrishnappa, MVSc, PhD agreed […]

UNITED STATES – Afsaneh Motamed Khorasani, PhD JOINS EASY GLOBAL TRAINING Team as Senior Medical Affairs Adviser

Fri. 4 Sep 2015

The growing trends of Clinical Trials demands the ability to seek advice and guidance from experts in the field with many years of experience and involvement in different clinical trials around the world. This is what guarantees a successful well-designed and properly executed trial that is destined to serve the healthcare in general. At EASY […]