PICO Question in Evidence Based Research


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This comprehensive e-Book “PICO Question in Evidence Based Research” focuses on how to formulate a question that can be properly answered in the area of public health services research.


Author’s Bio:

Dr. Farah Farahati received her Ph.D. in applied microeconomics from Northern Illinois University in 2001 and did her post-doctoral training in health economics at McMaster University in 2005. she has taught health economics and research methods to the Master of Public Health students at the University of Maryland since 2014. At the same time, as a senior health economist contractor, working on short-term projects with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Merck & Co., Inc.


An essential part of public health services research is knowing how to formulate an answerable question. This e-book “PICO Question in Evidence Based Research” focuses on formulating a reasonable question that can be answered in public health services research.

Learning Highlights
In this “PICO Question in Evidence Based Research” e-Book, you know about

  • Definition, purpose, and importance of PICO(ST)
  • Three real-life examples of PICO(ST) application:
    • Pneumococcal conjugate vaccines (PVCs)
    • Atypical antipsychotics (APPs) for patients with schizophrenia
    • A case study of NexoBrid, MediWound’s flagship innovative drug, indicated the removal of eschar in adults with deep partial- and full-thickness thermal burns, a process also known as debridement
  • How to calculate the projected spillover effects
Who Can Benefit From This “PICO Question in Evidence Based Research”  e-Book
  • Public health researchers
  • Public health students (MSc, PhD)
  • Health economics researchers & students
  • Pharmacoeconomics researchers & students
  • Health technology assessment researchers &students
  • Social health economics
  • Behavioral economics
  • Public Health Policymakers
  • Outcome researchers
  • ID:                                    1905
  • SKU:                                EB-0010-HEOR
  • Type:                               e-Book
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  • Length:                           16 Pages
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